BOYS' BASKETBALL:  Nagel Blue won the seventh grade tournament title last year, while the eight grade championship went to Walnut Hills.  This year's Conference Tournament is scheduled for February 2, with the seventh grade tourney being held at Wthrow and the eighth grade being held at Walnut Hills.

GIRLS' BASKETBALL:  Walnut Hills walked away with last year's seventh grade tournament title, and the Milford Lady Eagles captured the eighth grade crown.  This year's ECC Tournament is slated for February 2.  Kings HS will host the seventh grade tournament, while Loveland MS will host the eighth grade tourney.

WRESTLING:  Loveland won the 2017-18 wrestling tournament title, the school's fourth ECC title in the past five years.  This winter's ECC Tournament is scheduled for January 25 at Milford HS.

FOOTBALL:  Congratulations to Milford (seventh grade) and to Kings (eighth grade) for winning ECC gridiron titles this fall!  Both squads finished the season with perfect 7-0 ECC records.

VOLLEYBALL:  This year's seventh grade tournament champions were the Kings Lady Knights, while the eighth grade championship went to Nagel!  Congratulations to both squads.

CROSS COUNTRY:  Congratulations to Loveland for capturing the 2018 girls' championship and to Nagel for winning the boys' championship.  The top finisher for the girls was Walnut Hills' Kate Stiens, while the top finisher for the boys was Loveland's Brady Steiner.

BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL:  The Eastern Cincinnati Conference doesn't sponsor middle school baseball and softball, so check with your school's athletic department personnel for schedules and results.

BOYS' AND GIRLS' TRACK:  Loveland won both the boys' and girls' track championships in 2017 and repeated the feat this spring!  I believe the Tigers have won the boys' and girls' titles for six straight years!  Shout out to Walnut Hills (4x100 relay) and to Nagel (4x200 relay) for setting new boys' records.  Loveland's Jessie Gibbins set a new record in the 800 meters!

Here's the current ECC middle school track and field records:

110 Hurdles:  Bohenek (Nagel) 16.13 (2013)
100 Meter Dash:  Conley (Loveland) 11.38 (2014)
1600 Meter Run:  Justus (Kings) 4:34.59 (2017)
4x100 Relay:  Walnut Hills  48.58 (2018)
400 Meter Dash:  Daniel (Walnut Hills ) 53.43 (2013)
4x200 Relay:  Nagel  1:40.91 (2018)
200 Meter Hurdles:  Kellen (Walnut Hills) 27.57 (2016)
800 Meter Run:  Justus (Kings) 2:04.12 (2017)
200 Meter Dash:  Daniel (Walnut Hills) 23.75 (2013)
4x400 Relay:  Kings  3:53.6 (2017)
Long Jump:  Davenport (Walnut Hills) 18-1.25 (2013)
High Jump:  Cissell (Nagel) 5-9 (2015)
Discus:  Hickman (Nagel) 140-6 (2017)
Shot Put:  Hickman (Nagel) 41-11 (2017)
Pole Vault:  Davenport (Walnut Hills) 10-6 (2013)

100 Meter Hurdles:  Massey (Loveland) 15.65 (2014)
100 Meter Dash:  Jones (Walnut Hills) 12.78 (2014)
1600 Meter Run:  Grabenbauer (Milford) 5:24.95 (2017)
4x100 Relay:  Walnut Hills  52.72 (2015)
400 Meter Dash:  McElveen (Loveland) 1:00.28 (2013)
4x200 Relay:  Walnut Hills  1:51.16 (2013)
200 Meter Hurdles:  Massey (Loveland) 30.22 (2014)
800 Meter Run:  Gibbins (Loveland) 2:29.27 (2018)
200 Meter Dash:  Williams (Loveland) 26.34 (2014)
4x400 Relay:  Loveland  4:27.57 (2016)
Long Jump:  Jones (Walnut Hills) 16-2 (2014)
High Jump:  Klenke (Loveland) 5-0 (2015)
Discus:  Steele (Nagel) 93-3 (2015)
Shot Put:  Steele (Nagel ) 36-9.25 (2015)
Pole Vault:  Bard (Glen Este) 9-0 (2016)

BOYS' BASKETBALL:  The results of the 2017-18 Eastern Cincinnati Conference Tournament are as follows:

Nagel Blue completed a perfect undefeated season by defeating Walnut Hills 36-30 in the ECC Tournament finals.  

Walnut Hills downed Kings 39-32 for the 2017-18 ECC Tourney title.  The squad won the seventh grade championship last season.


Walnut Hills defeated Loveland 31-23 to capture the seventh grade girls' title.  The squad only lost one game in the conference.

Congratulations to Milford for winning the ECC Tournament title, as well as completing a perfect 18-0 season!  The Lady Eagles defeated Walnut Hills in the championship match-up 34-32.

Congratulations to all of our middle school teams on great seasons!

WRESTLING:  After Milford stopped Loveland from capturing its fourth straight ECC Championship last winter, the Tigers captured the 2018 championship on January 26.  For complete results, click HERE.

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