The ECC Tournament for Junior High Basketball will begin next week.  Tournament information is available on the basketball web page.

The 7th Grade Boys tournament will be held at Walnut Hills

The 8th Grade Boys tournament will be held at Loveland

The 7th Grade Girls tournament will be held at Milford

The 8th Grade Girls tournament will be held at Glen Este

Team Score
1 Loveland - 176
2 Nagel     - 126
3 Glen Este- 77
4 Milford    - 76
5 Kings      - 64

1st place by weight class
80 - Kobey Bronaugh - Milford

86 - Ian Inabnitt - Loveland

92 - Luke Loebker - Nagel

98 - Cooper Smeller - Loveland

104- Matt Lewis - Glen Este

110- Mitchell Gibson - Glen Este

116- Adam Bartrum - Milford

122- Nick Newbanks - Loveland

128- Nate Webster - Loveland

134- Cade Smeller - Loveland

142- Jojo Ingram - Nagel

150- Rick Deutsch - Loveland

160- Trent Mansberger - Loveland

172- Charlie Sims - Loveland

205- Dax Creager - Milford

245- Cooper Wood - Loveland

All athletes please be sure to make sure you have a current physical and all of your school's required paperwork before official practices start. Official practices can begin on August 1st.  Please check with your coaches or your school's administrator on start dates for your specific school team.

The ECC Junior High Cross Country meet was held yesterday at Landen Park.  The Nagel Girls captured the JH Cross Country Championship and the Kings Boys were crowned Champions on the boys side.  You can view the full results from the meet on the Cross Country page.

The 2013 Volleyball season wrapped up last week with the conclusion of the ECC Tournament. 

The 7th grade volleyball squads competed at Kings Junior High School on Saturday, October 19th.  It was an exciting day of volleyball with very good games in the semi-finals and finals.  After Nagel Silver upset the #1 seed Loveland in the semi-finals, they went on to capture the 2013 7th Grade Volleyball Tournament Championship by defeating Nagel Blue in the finals.  You can see the final tournament bracket on the 7th Grade Volleyball web page.

The 8th grade volleyball squads played their tournament games at Nagel Middle school over the weekend.  It was also a very exciting tournament with close games in the semi-finals and finals.  Nagel Blue pulled off an upset of the #1 seed Loveland to make it to the finals where they met the #2 seed Milford in the championship game.  Milford defeated Nagel Blue to capture the 2013 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament Championship.  You can see the final tournament bracket on the 8th Grade Volleyball web page.